Can I choose to invest in both Express Loans and Standard Loans through Auto-Lend?

Lenders have the ability to decide whether they would like Auto-Lend to invest exclusively in Standard Loans, Express Loans, or both. Lenders can manually change their Auto-Lend settings by following the detailed instructions below:

1. Sign-in to your Lending Loop Account.

to your Lending Loop Account

2. Select the "Auto-Lend" tab in the left-hand table.

3. If you do not have Auto-Lend activated, select the purple "Enable Auto-Lend button". Once redirected to the Auto-Lend Settings page, select the blue "Add New Plan / Customize" button to create a new Auto-Lend plan.

If you already have an active Auto-Lend plan and would like to change the Loan Types, select the blue "Add New Plan / Customize" box. You can also select the green "Enable for all loans!" box, which will update your existing Auto-Lend to commit to Standard and Express loans for you.

4. Under "Type of Loans," select your desired Auto-Lend plan.

5. Confirm your desired Auto-Lend plan by selecting "Enable Auto-Lend," and you're done!

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