How do I verify my CIBC bank account?

Lending Loop asks all clients to verify their bank account in order to make fund transfers to and from Lending Loop. This is also required to meet Canadian anti-money laundering regulations.

There are 3 ways to verify your CIBC chequing or savings account with Lending Loop:

  • Image of Void Cheque

  • Bank Statement PDF

  • Bank Screenshot (complete with full name, bank logo, transit number, account number and account balance)

To verify your account, please upload the document of your choice via the website under the "+Add Funds" section.

Void Cheque

To upload a VOID cheque to Lending Loop, please take one of your existing cheque's and write VOID across the cheque. Next, scan the cheque to your computer and upload it to your Lending Loop account. 

Bank Statement

  • Login to your CIBC online bank account

  • Under the "My Accounts" tab, select "View eStatements"

  • Select a monthly statement to download and save

  • Upload it to your Lending Loop account

Bank Screenshot

  • Login to your CIBC online bank account

  • The screen which you land on when you first login to your online banking shows all the required information

  • Take a screenshot of the page

  • Upload it to your Lending Loop account

Here's what a sample online banking screenshot from CIBC looks like:

*Please note that if you click into a specific account you lose some of the required information.

You can securely upload your documents to your Lending Loop profile here.

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