What information do you disclose about my business?

The following list covers the information that is shared with Lenders on the Marketplace and in the Posting Supplement, in addition to the name of your business. 

  • City & Province
  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Term
  • Loan Risk Grade
  • Interest Rate
  • Key Financial Ratios
  • Condensed P&L
  • Condensed Balance Sheet
  • Loan Security (assets, guarantees)
  • Number of Years in Business
  • Date of Fiscal Year End
  • Industry
  • Questions on Loan Application Indicated as Visible to Lenders (Business Description Questions)
  • Projected Loan Repayment Schedule

No personal information is shared about any of the directors, guarantors or the applicant. Only lenders that have been verified with an intent to lend on the marketplace can view a business's information.

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