Refer & Earn Terms and Conditions

Refer and Earn Program

1)     This offer is open to all verified Lending Loop lenders with an active individual Lender account (“Existing Account Holders”).

2)     To qualify for the “Refer and Earn Program”, the following conditions must be met:

a)     The referred friend ("Referred Lender") must be referred by an active Lending Loop Lender (the “Referrer”). 

b)     To ensure that eligible members receive the Reward (as defined below in Clause 3), the Referred Lender must sign up for a new individual Lender account using a referral code provided to them by the Referrer within the Referral Period.

c)     The Referrer must be an individual and must have an individual lender account that is approved and in good standing.

d)     The Referred Lender cannot have an existing Lending Loop account before the date that the referral is made.

e)     The Referred Lender must transfer in and lend at least $1,500 to Borrowers (the "Qualifying Lending") within 180 days following the date of the referral (The “Referral Period”). 

f)      The Referral Period starts at 12:01am EST on February 25, 2020 and ends at 11:59pm EST on August 31, 2020.

3)     The Reward:

a)     For each successfully Referred Member, the Reward received will be $25.

b)     Both the Referred Member and the Referrer will each receive the Reward.

c)     Only one Reward is available per Referred Member.

d)     Will be credited into the Lending Loop Account within 60 days of the successful completion of the Qualifying Lending.

4)     The Referred Member and Referrer must be different people to be eligible for the Reward.

a)     You cannot refer yourself by setting up a new lender account.

b)     A Referrer is not eligible for more than one (1) Reward with respect to Referred Lenders residing at the same address.

5)     Any person who was referred through a previous referral promotion will only receive the reward applicable with that promotion.

6)     No alternative or substituted Reward will be given in conjunction with this Promotion.

7)     Lending Loop does not guarantee that any commitments made through either the marketplace or the Auto-Lend system will be lent out and accepted within the Promotion Period.

8)     Lending Loop reserves the right to amend, withdraw or extend any or all elements of this promotion at any time by giving notice by email to lenders. 

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