Where can I access my account documents?

These can be found at - “My Documents” page on the website can be accessed On the Lending Loop dashboard from the drop-down menu titled “Account”.  

This page contains several documents including the Terms of Service (ToS), Privacy Policy, Conflicts of Interest Statement, Outstanding Notes, Relationship Disclosure Document, Offering Memorandum, and Note Purchase Agreement.  

We highly encourage lenders to review these documents in detail.  A short summary is as follows:

  • The ToS is the agreement that dictates the usage of the platform by both Lenders and Borrowers
  • The Privacy Policy explains how Lending Loop handles the information it collects from Borrowers and Lenders
  • The Conflicts of Interest Statement describes actual and potential material conflicts between the interests of Loop Securities Inc. and the interest of each lender, and how such conflicts are addressed
  • The Outstanding Notes sets details of a lenders outstanding notes
  • The Relationship Disclosure Document provides information that a reasonable lender would consider important about the lender’s relationship with Loop Securities Inc., and includes a general description of the products and services Loop Securities Inc. offers, fees and charges for maintaining an account, any transaction charges, and the frequency and content of reporting to lenders
  • The Offering Memorandum provides detailed information regarding Loop Funding Inc. and the payment dependent notes it issues to lenders. overview of the objectives, risk, and terms of the notes offered by Lending Loop
  • The Note Purchase Agreement is a digital copy of the Note Purchase Agreement signed you signed electronically

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