How do I increase my investment status?

As a Lender on Lending Loop, you can request to change your investment status at any time. To do so, please contact us directly at (888) 223-5667 or if you have an active lender account you can schedule a call directly here. Prior to upgrading your status, please review the article detailing the criteria for investment limit increase. You will find an article at the bottom that provides the requirements for investment limit increase. Once your investor criteria are verbally verified, you will be asked for one of the following documents to prove your increased investor status:

  • Tax Return;
  • Notice of Personal Tax Assessment;
  • Balance sheet certified by an independent accountant;
  • Letter from an independent accountant or legal counsel as to whether you meet the income or financial asset requirements required to be considered at your desired investor class.
  • PDF statements of a bank and/or investment accounts and/or property assessments showing sufficient assets to surpass the regulatory threshold

Once reviewed by a certified Lending Loop agent, your investor status change will either be approved or declined.

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