Who is eligible for Auto-Lend?

All Lenders on Lending Loop are eligible to use Auto-Lend.

What is Auto-Lend?

Auto-Lend allows you to automatically purchase notes posted on the Lending Loop marketplac...

How much does it cost to use Auto-Lend?

There are no additional fees to use Auto-Lend. The same 1.5% servicing fee applies to all ...

What are my investment options if I use Auto-Lend?

There are 4 primary risk plans available through Auto Lend. These are: Everything: This...

I see available notes that meet my investment criteria, but Auto-Lend ...

There are several reasons this may occur. Your available cash balance is less than the ...

Can I pause or cancel Auto-Lend?

Yes you can pause or cancel Auto-Lend. Navigate to the Auto-Lend tab in your Lending Loop...

Can I create a custom risk plan? How?

To create a custom Risk Plan visit the Auto-Lend page of your account. Below the pre-defi...

Can I purchase notes manually if I have Auto-Lend turned on?

Of course! The marketplace will allow all lenders to continue to make commitments to liste...

How do I update my Auto-Lend plan?

With Auto-Lend enabled, visit your Auto-Lend page and select Disable. You will then be p...

Why is there a limit on the amount I can invest through Auto-Lend?

Your investment limit will still apply when using Auto-Lend. Additionally, the Auto-Lend ...

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